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For any toilet repair, book a plumber from 23 Hour Plumbing for a professional and trustworthy plumbing service. We cover all metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide.

Toilet Cistern

Toilet Cistern Leaking?

If your toilet cistern is leaking, your toilet water level is too high or too low, or you notice water pooling around your toilet bowl call your plumbing experts from 23 Hour Plumbing on 1300 070 399.

In most cases a leaking cistern is due to wear and tear of the cistern parts. Your cistern may have a damaged flapper, worn washer, loose valves, broken lift chain or a possible leaking flush pipe.

If water level is sitting too high, your toilet is not filling with enough water or your toilet overflows this could indicate a blocked sewage pipe. A blocked pipe can happen for a number of reasons. From tree root infiltration through to foreign items being flushed into your pipes such as children’s toys, sanitary items or even too much toilet paper.

Water leaking around the base of a toilet, could be from a damaged and leaking flush pipe, (this pipe connects the toilet to the cistern) or there could be a loose wax seal, or you could have a cracked toilet bowl or a cracked cistern.

In any event, water leaking around the base of a toilet, water running constantly into bowl, a toilet not flushing, or incorrect water levels need to be inspected and repaired immediately. A leaking cistern alone can waste up to 260 litres of water per day and a blocked or leaking sewage pipe is a major health and environmental hazard.

Toilet Repair

23 Hour Plumbers can assist. Covering Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

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What causes a blocked toilet?

Tree Roots

The most common cause of a blocked toilet is from tree roots. Tree roots search the ground for moisture and nutrients which they will easily find within sewer pipes. If there is even the slightest crack or loose joint in a pipe a tree root will find its way in. Once inside the pipe the roots will intertwine with any other leaves, debris or foreign objects being washed down the drains and will quickly grow to a large mass blocking the pipe and, in some instances, can cause major pipe damage.

Foreign Objects

We need to be vigilant in regards to what we are flushing down our toilets or putting down our sinks. Food scraps, hair, sanitary items, children’s toys, baby diapers, baby wipes, or even too much toilet paper will quickly block drains. Cooking fats and grease solidify in pipes causing blockages and paints and chemicals are known to corrode pipework. A combination of any of these items, mixed in with tree roots or other dirt or leaves within the pipework will soon block up your drains or cause a blocked toilet.

Incorrect Pipe Installation

Pipes installed incorrectly will soon become misaligned and collapse. There has been a rise in do-it-yourself plumbing and drainage installations with the result being a rise in blocked drains. The correct pipe size also needs to be installed to ensure satisfactory water flow conditions. Never trust an unqualified plumbing contractor to install your plumbing systems.

Ground Movements & Ageing Pipework

The ground is constantly shifting, especially now with the rise in traffic on our roads. Ground movements can cause sewer pipes to collapse especially if the pipework is well aged which will eventually cause a blocked drain or blocked toilet.

Blocked Toilet Repairs

If you notice any signs of a blocked toilet contact 23 Hour Plumbing for a prompt and efficient toilet repair. Our plumbing professionals will complete a full investigation to determine the cause of your blocked toilet and will have your clogged toilet cleaned and cleared effectively with the use of our electric eels.

For those more stubborn blockages we will provide a hydro-jetting service. A CCTV camera inspection will be conducted to ensure the blockage has been completely cleared and to determine if any pipework damage has been caused, or was possibly the cause of the blockage in the first instance.

If damage or collapsed pipework is present; our plumber will be able to repair or replace the damaged section of pipework. Our professionals will provide you with a no obligation, free quote before any pipework repairs or replacements are undertaken.

Is your toilet cistern leaking?

A leaking cistern can waste up to 2,000 litres of water per month which is a substantial waste and will have an impact on your water bills. If your cistern is leaking you should have this repaired as soon as possible before other more serious problems could occur. Call 23 Hour Plumbing for a rapid and reliable leaking toilet repair.

Cistern Leaking

The cistern is the section of the toilet suite that holds the water to enable the toilet to be flushed. All moving parts of the toilet suite are located inside the cistern; if these parts become worn or damaged your cistern will fail to operate as intended and will usually result in toilet leakage.

Depending on the model of toilet you have installed on your property your cistern and toilet will either be situated together (with the cistern located above the toilet bowl) either connected together as a close-coupled toilet or situated separately but linked via a pipe (connector toilet). You may also have a concealed toilet unit, where the cistern is hidden from view in either a wall, inside your ceiling or behind a mirror or vanity unit. Whichever model of toilet suite you have 23 Hour Plumbing will have your cistern repaired and your toilet functioning correctly again in no time.

23 Hour Plumbers can assist. Covering Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

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What causes a leaking cistern?

The main reasons behind a cistern leaking are;

Damaged flapper

There is a rubber flapper situated inside your cistern which purpose is to ensure the correct amount of water is released when the toilet is flushed and then the flapper closes to ensure that the correct level of water remains in the cistern. If your toilet won’t flush or your toilet is leaking this is a good indication that there is a problem with the flapper. Flappers are known to deteriorate with age as well as by the chemicals that are released from the toilet cleaners that are dropped into cisterns.

Worn Washers or Valves

If you notice water is constantly leaking into your toilet bowl the main cause from this is due to wear of the washers situated at the top of the ball valve in the cistern, or your inlet or outlet valves have begun to deteriorate.

Lift Chain

The lift chain attaches the flapper to the flush button, if the lift chain has been broken or come undone for any reason the flapper will not be able to operate when the flush button is pressed. In turn, your toilet will not flush and this could contribute to leaking toilets.

Leaking Pipe

The toilet bowl and cistern are joined together via a flush pipe. If the flush pipe has been cracked or the joints have come loose this will create water pooling on the floor behind and around the toilet bowl due to the leaking pipe.

Is your toilet leaking?

23 Hour Plumbing can repair or replace your leaking toilet whether you live in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth.

Toilet Leaking

Common causes of a toilet leaking;

  • The rubber valve inside the cistern may be deteriorating
  • The wax seal around the base of the toilet has come loose
  • The cistern flapper, float, lift chain or fill valve could be damaged or worn
  • The flush pipe connecting the toilet and cistern together may have a slight leak
  • The cistern or toilet bowl has cracked
  • Worn washer or bolts
  • Corrosion within the sewage pipes or toilet assembly

If you notice any pooling water around the base of your toilet, your toilet is not flushing, your toilet is blocked, or water is constantly running into your toilet from the cistern contact 23 Hour Plumbing on 1300 070 399.

If your toilet bowl has cracked a replacement toilet will be required immediately. We can replace your toilet – no matter the style of toilet you prefer; concealed toilet, wall faced toilet, close coupled toilet, wall hung toilet or connector toilet.

A leaking toilet needs to be repaired immediately – not only could the pooling water cause further damage including structural damage but a continuously running toilet or leaking toilet can waste up to 60,000 litres of water per year. This is a massive water and money waster.

In some cases your toilet could be leaking and you may not even realise, or you notice your toilet leaking but are unsure where the leak is coming from;

There is a simple test that you can do to check for a toilet leak;

  1. Remove the cistern lid and place approximately 10 drops of food colouring into the cistern water
  2. Do not flush the toilet for at least 15 minutes
  3. After the time has lapsed checked the toilet bowl, if the water has changed colour due to the food colouring then a leak is present.

This is a good test to complete if you are experiencing higher than average water bills for no apparent reason – there could possibly be an undetected toilet leaking in your home or office.

Affordable Toilet Repairs and better Customer Service

If you require toilet repairs – you usually require the repair ASAP. If this is the case contact the professionals from 23 Hour Plumbing on 1300 070 399.

Toilet Repairs

If your toilet is broken, toilet is not flushing, toilet is filling with water, toilet is overflowing or your toilet is leaking contact 23 Hour Plumbing for a prompt and reliable toilet repair. Our plumbing contractors are your emergency plumbing professionals and the experts in toilet repairs or toilet replacements.

Toilets are designed to be tough and versatile with a long life span. But toilet problems do still occur. The most common causes for a broken toilet are from blocked drains, blocked vent pipes, a cracked or loose bowl or problems pertaining to the parts within the toilet cistern. 23 Hour Plumbing will provide a complete toilet diagnoses to repair your toilet first time, every time – eliminating the need for any pesky call backs.

Blocked Toilet or Overflowing Toilet?

A blocked toilet happens due to a number of reasons, such as; tree roots finding their way into sewer pipes and quickly forming to a large root mass or from foreign objects being flushed, including children’s toys, sanitary items and in some instances too much toilet paper. In some cases a blocked sewage drain can cause the water to retreat back into your toilet as there is just nowhere else for it to go. If you have sewage water leaking or overflowing from your toilet – do not touch it unless you are completely protected. Sewage waste is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and in extreme cases can cause hepatitis. If you, or any of your household items, come in contact with sewage waste be sure to disinfect correctly.

23 Hour Plumbing will be at your home within an hour* of your call in a plumbing emergency. If a blockage is found to be the cause of your broken toilet we carry all of the required equipment in our plumbing vans to remove your toilet blockage. We will clear and clean your drains with either an electric eel or high powered hydro-jet we also provide a CCTV camera inspection to ensure we pinpoint the exact location of the blockage and can then provide a prompt pipe repair or replacement service if any of the pipework has been damaged from the blockage.

Toilet Leaking, Toilet Filling With Too Much Water or Toilet not flushing?

Most commonly a toilet that is leaking, not flushing or filling with too much water is due to broken or worn parts within the cistern or due to a leaking flush pipe. 23 Hour Plumbing will provide a fast and efficient cistern repair service to have your toilet functioning correctly once more.

If for any reason your broken toilet is in disrepair 23 Hour Plumbing can supply and install a replacement toilet for you.

For all of your toilet repairs 24/7 trust the ethical, affordable and professional plumbers from 23 Hour Plumbing.

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