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Thursday the 24th of November 2016 was a very busy day for 23 Hour Plumbing for all serviced states.  Victoria was particularly busy this day, considering the Christmas rush was just around the corner.  A customer on Allwen Court in Clarinda was having trouble igniting her pilot light on her gas hot water system.  She was becoming concerned with the possibility of needing to provide a large sum of money for a whole new unit, and so close to Christmas.  Our team advised her that our plumbers are all qualified with working on a number of units and do so on a daily basis, so she had called the right company for the job – she was booked in for an attendance between 10am and 1pm that very day.

23 Hour Plumbing Clarinda arrived in a vehicle which was completely stocked with quality standard parts for almost all plumbing enquiries at exactly 10am sharp.  Our plumber wasted no time whatsoever and went straight to the hot water system to inspect the condition of the hot water system.  The plumber tested the hot water system and lit up the unit, however the plumber noticed that the unit’s thermocouple was needing to be replaced in order for the issue to be resolved.  Fortunately for our customer, our plumber has all materials required in order to provide a same day solution which the customer was extremely pleased about.

Our customer was very happy with the fact that she was able to pay on completion using her card and taking advantage of our installed eftpos machine, however cash and cheque were also options available.  We accommodate to all customers in order to create a stress free experience for all customers thanks to J Rowe Plumbing!

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