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wilson hot waterWilson hot water has been in the business since 1930. This Australian owned and operated hot water heater manufacturer specialises in a wide range of hot water heaters in varying size capacities suitable for all types of water conditions. Wilson hot water heaters are available in electric mains pressure stainless steel tanks, gravity fed hot water heaters, instantaneous electric hot water heaters and mains pressure solar hot water cylinders.

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Let’s look further into the Wilson hot water heater range

Qudos™ – Mains Pressure Stainless Steel

Wilson stands by their hot water heaters and offer generous warranties for their reputable stainless steel Qudos™ mains pressure storage tanks. Stainless steel water storage tanks offer remarkable corrosion resistance, as well as being reliable and durable. The Qudos and Qudos PRO range of storage water heaters are covered by a 10 year warranty* with the commercial/industrial range having a service life warranty of 20 years*. With a Qudos you can trust you have a quality Wilson hot water heater.

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Wilson Hot Water – Thermacoil

The ThermaCoil is an extremely energy efficient stainless steel hot water tank, it is one of the most efficient heat exchange mains pressure tanks available.

The ThermaCoil stainless steel tank heats hot water from renewable energy or waste heat sources such as wood stoves or wood heaters – with wetback, solar hot water panels, heat pumps and boilers with the use of a highly efficient finned tube heat exchange designed to deliver maximum energy. Multiple coils can be placed in the tank providing a back-up source of energy. With a ThermaCoil stainless steel Australian made mains pressure storage tank you can trust that your water heater is of the highest standards, suited to the Australian conditions.

Stainless Steel Mains Pressure Solar Hot Water Cylinders

The Wilson Qudos™ solar hot water heaters are manufactured in Australia using quality 445M2 stainless steel, finished in COLORBOND® steel and insulated with polyurethane foam. Backed by a high 10 year cylinder warranty* and 1 year parts and labour these systems are available with flow and return ports for direct solar panel connection and optional temperature probe pockets available upon request. Sizes varies from 160, 250 and 315 litre capacities with the options of twin or mid mount elements.

Instantaneous Electric Wilson Hot Water

A5 Series;

This energy efficient electric instantaneous hot water heater is energy efficient as it only heats your water as required and no storage tank is required to store your heated water. The water is heated automatically via a heat exchanger when you turn on the tap and automatically shuts off when you have finished.

These compact units are available in 18, 20 and 23 amp models and will deliver adequate hot water to homes, factory amenities, and shops.

SuperX™ Instantaneous Electric Water Heater

This three phase electric instantaneous hot water heater is tankless and heats water only as required. The SuperX™ is compact, extremely energy efficient and quiet in operation.

Low Pressure Electric Ceiling Model

Designed to be installed in the ceiling space, these Wilson hot water low pressure electric ceiling heaters are designed to operate on “off peak” tariffs and comprised of a compact tank, with an optional special cold tank which allows an equal flow of hot and cold water. Alternative energy saving options are available and these units are available with a 10 year warranty*.

Low Pressure Electric Floor Model

The Wilson hot water electric floor model heaters operate up to a head pressure of 7 metres via an overhead cold water feed tanks. This model can also be installed in the ceiling rather than on the floor if required. The overhead tank position controls the performance of the unit – the higher the tank better the flow rate.

Designed to operate on ‘off peak’ tariffs with alternative energy saving options available.

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