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Rinnai hot waterWith an extensive range of hot water heaters to choose from you can’t go wrong with Rinnai hot water. Rinnai are an industry leader and 23 Hour Plumbing can supply, install, repair or service your Rinnai hot water heater covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. If you need an after-hours plumber, call 23 Hour Plumbing, we are on-call and online whenever you need us 24/7, including all public holidays and weekends. In a hot water emergency we can be at your location within an hour* of your plumber booking.


Rinnai Hot Water System Range;

Rinnai provides you with a reliable, durable and energy efficient hot water system, all utilising advanced technology to withstand the tough Australian climate.

The Rinnai hot water range includes;

  • Continuous flow hot water system
  • Electric storage hot water system
  • Gas storage hot water system
  • Solar powered hot water system
  • Solar gas boosters
  • Heat pumps

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters

When it comes to fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water heaters – Rinnai were the leaders in this field and continue to stand above the rest. Their Rinnai hot water INFINITY range of continuous flow hot water heaters are compact, tankless and extremely energy efficient – with the Enviro model available with a huge 7 star energy rating.

With a range of sizes available from a small 16L per minute flow rate through to a large 32L per minute flow rate – there is a Rinnai INFINITY available to suit any premises. With a Rinnai hot water continuous flow unit you will have a strong, constant flow of hot water, on demand, which will never run cold.

Each model is available with temperature remote controllers which allow you to pre-set your desired hot water temperatures for different areas within your home. This is an excellent safety feature to reduce scalding to young children or the mobility impaired, as well as adding a touch of convenience eliminating the need to constantly fiddle with the hot and cold taps.

Rinnai has thought of it all – if you reside in a remote location where no power is available – the Rinnai HOTFLO 10 has you covered. This compact unit provides a flow rate of 10L per minute, is compatible with both LPG and natural gas and is battery operated.

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Rinnai Electric Storage Hot Water Heaters

For an electric storage hot water heater the Rinnai Flowmaster will meet your hot water heating demands. With storage tanks available from 25L through to 400L a Flowmaster Rinnai hot water heater is suited to small units or large family homes. Running on mains pressure you are guaranteed to have the highest water pressure flow rate possible.

All Rinnai Flowmaster hot water tanks are built to last, coming with inbuilt anode protection and pressure temperature relief valves as standard, with all units being backed by a high 7 year Australian wide warranty*.

Rinnai Gas Mains Pressure Storage

The Rinnai hot water HOTFLO gas mains pressure storage heaters are available in two sizes – 135L and 170L. With a HOTFLO Rinnai hot water heater you will have a strong, constant flow of hot water with no lack in pressure when multiple fixtures are used simultaneously.

For extra durability these hot water storage tanks are comprised of vitreous enamel lined steel and include a pressure temperature relief valve and safety shut off valve.

Rinnai Solar Powered Hot Water Heaters

If you are looking for “The Rolls Royce of solar hot water systems” you can’t go past the Rinnai hot water Prestige Range. This high quality hot water heater is comprised of a 444 grade stainless steel tank with TiNOX technology on its excelsior collectors. This technology allows the solar collectors to gain the maximum absorbency from the sun’s rays. The tanks sizes range from 180L – 330L.

Rinnai also offers the Sunmaster range of solar powered hot water heaters with their tanks being comprised of vitreous enamel available in tank sizes of 175L – 330L.

Both options are available as a close coupled, roof mounted, system with flat plate or evacuated tube systems.

All of Rinnai’s solar powered hot water heaters are available with either electric or continuous flow gas boosters to ensure hot water 24/7.

Rinnai Solar Gas Boosters

Couple your solar powered hot water heater with a Rinnai solar booster to ensure you will have hot water 24/7 – even during weeks of cloudy days.

Rinnai Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an excellent alternative to a solar powered hot water heater (if you don’t have the correct roof access) or as a replacement for an electric hot water heater.

The Rinnai hot water range of heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and can save you up to a 25% reduction on your water bills, compared to an electric storage system.

Rather than absorbing energy from the sun a Rinnai hot water heat pump draws energy from the outside ambient air – working in much the same way as a refrigerator, but in reverse. There are two models available – HOTFLO Split Heat Pump and the HOTFLO Integrated Heat pump.

With so many options available, the choice can become overwhelming – talk to an expert from 23 Hour Plumbing. We can provide advice on the best Rinnai hot water heater to suit your home and lifestyle with a no obligation, free, quote for the supply and installation to help aid in your decision process.

We have INTEREST FREE payment terms* available to ease any financial stress that a new or replacement hot water heater can provide.

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