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chromagen hot waterChromagen, proudly Australian owned and operated, was founded in 1962 and quickly grew to be an international player in the hot water heater industry. Their focus is on sustainable environmental solutions for our hot water heating needs and they are a leader in efficient solar powered, gas and heat pump hot water heaters.

The fully licenced plumbers from 23 Hour Plumbing are highly experienced with the Chromagen brand and can supply, install, repair or replace your Chromagen hot water heater. Our plumbers are situated throughout all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra to ensure we have all of your hot water requirements covered. We are on-call and online every hour of the day, every day of the year – including all weekends and public holidays. With 23 Hour Plumbing you will never be without hot water again!


Choosing a hot water heater can be confusing with so many brands and varieties available today. The range from Chromagen is built on quality, reliability and durability with their main focus being on environmentally friendly solutions. In Australia’s harsh climate conditions you can rely on a Chromagen hot water heater.

Their range includes:

Solar Powered Chromagen Hot Water

With over 50 years’ experience in the solar powered industry Chromagen has advanced to produce highly efficient varieties of solar hot water heaters. Their range includes ground mounted or roof mounted systems in varying tank sizes, solar thermal collectors and solar powered boosters available.

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Ground Mounted (split Systems)

The Chromagen hot water solar ground mounted systems consist of solar thermal collectors mounted on the roof with the tank separated at ground level. This method of installation provides flexibility and reduces the load on your roof structure. The tanks are available in either an open-loop option for general applications or a closed-loop option for more frost-prone areas.

A split system solar powered system works by the solar collectors absorbing heat from the sun’s rays, this heat is then transferred via a pump into the storage tank located at ground level, heating the water inside.

Roof Mounted (close Coupled Systems)

A close coupled solar power Chromagen hot water heater is an excellent space saver. The tank and solar collectors are situated together on the roof and rather than a pump being required to transfer the heat to the tank – a thermosiphon method is used, drawing the heat into the tank. These highly efficient systems are available with a high 6 star energy efficiency rating and closed-loop tanks are available for frost prone areas.

Both of the ground mounted and roof mounted solar hot water options are available with back-up solar power boosters.

With varying tank sizes and requirements talk to a professional from 23 Hour Plumbing to discuss the best solar powered hot water heater to meet your hot water heating demands. We will be happy to provide you with a no obligation, free, quote for the supply and installation of your new Chromagen hot water solar powered heater. Interest free payment terms* are available with only a 10% deposit required.

Chromagen Heat Pump

Rather than absorbing energy for the sun, a heat pump absorbs energy from the air to heat your water which is stored in a ground level tank. A heat pump provides remarkable energy efficiency and hot water day and night – with a reduction of water heating energy consumption of up to 65%, when compared with an electric hot water heater.

A heat pump is an excellent replacement for an old electric hot water heater or as an alternative to solar power when a roof mounting option is not viable.

When you install a Chromagen hot water heat pump you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Talk to 23 Hour Plumbing for the best options available for your home or office, take advantage of our no interest ever payment plans*.

Gas Continuous Flow Or Gas Storage Chromagen Hot Water

Continuous Flow

The Chromagen hot water Eternity continuous flow unit is compact, tankless and will provide you with endless hot water 24/7. The Eternity range is extremely energy efficient with a high star rating of 6 stars and is 100% compatible with a solar powered hot water heater to act as a solar powered booster.

With optional remote controllers to provide added peace of mind in a safety capacity to reduce the risk of scalding – and to save you money by reducing your water consumption from eliminating the need to fiddle with taps to reach your desired temperatures.

Available in varying sizes to suit a small apartment or large house, with commercial configurations possible an Eternity Chromagen hot water heater has you covered.

Gas Storage

The Chromagen hot water gas storage SUMO1 is a storage tank with a difference. The SUMO1 is a combination of water storage tank and continuous flow hot water heater in 1. If you have a high demand for hot water over a shorter period of time the SUMO1 is for you. This high output water heater is perfect for large homes with multiple bathrooms, commercial operations, holiday parks and student accommodation options, this world class hot water heater is available with a tank size of 300 or 400 litres.

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