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Edwards Hot Water Systems

23 Hour Plumbing is your expert in all Edwards solar hot water systems. We cater to every solar hot water system from the brand. From repairs and maintenance to emergency servicing, our plumbing experts can handle your solar water heater.

About Edwards

For more than five decades, the name Edwards has been synonymous with top-tier hot water systems, solidifying its standing as a trusted Australian household brand. You might even have enjoyed the dependability of an Edwards solar system gracing your residence.

In 2013, a new chapter unfolded as Edwards seamlessly merged with Rheem, integrating into their esteemed solar specialist network. This dynamic partnership has since yielded a range of high-calibre solar water heaters proudly bearing the Rheem badge.

Yet, it’s possible that your faithful Edwards product, faithfully serving your household, is approaching the natural end of its lifespan. Fret not, for 23 Hour Plumbing is here to extend a helping hand. We’re primed to not only maintain your existing solar water heater but also facilitate a seamless transition to a cutting-edge model that aligns with the present advancements.

With our unwavering commitment to swift and dependable service, even on public holidays, you can rest assured that your needs are met promptly and affordably. Our local plumbers and hot water specialists are on standby 24/7 to cater to your requirements.

Equipped with the latest training and development sessions, our team remains at the forefront of Edwards hot water system repairs. From mastering state-of-the-art technology to proficiently managing any model within the Edwards lineup, we’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and discover how 23 Hour Plumbing can elevate your Solar Edwards experience.

Experience Excellence, Anytime – with 23 Hour Plumbing. Your Partner for Hot Water Heaters, Electric Hot Water Systems, Stainless Steel Tanks, and Same-Day Hot Water Repairs.

Edwards Range of Products: Unveiling Excellence in Solar Specialist Solutions

Embracing innovation and sustainability, the legacy of the Solar Edwards range endures within the realm of Rheem. While fresh solar hot water systems no longer bear the Edwards name, the hallmark quality persists within Rheem’s offerings.

Discover an array of premier options, meticulously designed to cater to diverse climatic conditions. Devotees of solar and renewable energy can explore an assortment of choices, including:

  1. Roof-mounted solar hot water (Hiline series)
  2. Ground-mounted solar water heaters (Loline split series)
  3. Cutting-edge heat pump hot water systems

Each unit presents a distinctive advantage tailored to meet individual requirements. Yet, the overarching constant among these units – regardless of nomenclature or design – remains unwavering quality. The amalgamation of Edwards expertise with Rheem ingenuity has given rise to a collection of unparalleled solar water heaters, setting a benchmark in the industry.

For those considering a transition, the opportunity awaits. 23 Hour Plumbing stands prepared to address your needs. Our adept technicians are on standby to provide swift responses for repairs, maintenance, or seamless replacements. As the conduit to keeping your solar solutions optimal, we’re here to assist you, ensuring your Edwards heritage continues to thrive.

Why Australians Love Solar Hot Water

No matter how old your unit is, you probably know how great Edwards hot water systems are. Many homes in Australia still use their original products to enjoy hot water powered by the sun.

If you’ve realised you need to switch to solar after talking to friends, don’t worry—it’s never too late. You’re not missing out.

The latest Edwards solar water heaters, now made by Rheem, are some of the best available. If you’re thinking about getting a new solar system, here are the benefits Edwards offers:

  • Durable COLORBOND® steel outer casing
  • Quality stainless steel or vitreous enamel storage tanks
  • 5-to-10-year warranty options
  • Can be installed on the roof or the ground
  • Frost protection for cold climates
  • Option for gas or electric boosting
  • High capacity for constant hot water
  • Lowered running costs over time

With all these advantages, it’s no wonder Australians love Edwards solar hot water systems. Get on board with the trusted Edwards brand for a full range of benefits available in South Australia and beyond. Plus, you’ll have easy access to spare parts and an electric booster if needed.

Upgrade to Edwards Solar Hot Water with 23 Hour Plumbing

Looking to make a greener choice for your home’s hot water needs? Consider replacing your existing system with an Edwards Solar Hot Water setup through 23 Hour Plumbing. Not only will you enjoy consistent hot water, but you’ll also contribute positively to the environment.

Our skilled technicians are equipped to seamlessly replace your old tank with an energy-efficient Edwards solar solution. The innovative panels harness the power of the sun, reducing your reliance on electricity and lowering your utility bills. It’s a smart domestic upgrade that benefits both your pocket and the planet.

By opting for an Edwards Solar Hot Water replacement, you’re embracing a sustainable lifestyle while ensuring ample hot water availability. The integrated pumps ensure reliable water circulation, making chilly showers a thing of the past. Our installation process is hassle-free, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Take the step towards a more eco-friendly and cost-effective hot water solution. Contact 23 Hour Plumbing today and explore the benefits of Edwards Solar Hot Water replacement for your home. Together, we can create a better, energy-efficient future while enjoying the comfort of uninterrupted hot water.

Interest Free** Payment Options

There’s no better way to manage your expenses for Edwards Hot Water than with 23 Hour Plumbing! We’re thrilled to provide you with a range of interest-free** payment options for all our services. These plans are super flexible and help you handle sudden repairs or replacements without stressing your budget.

Imagine getting an urgent hot water setup on a Saturday night without worrying about your savings – that’s what we offer. Plus, we won’t charge you extra for weekends, holiday, or after-hours work!

Our interest free** choices make things quick and efficient, ensuring lasting solutions. We’ve partnered with Humm or Zip, so you can select the finance provider that suits you. Pay in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly bits for extra convenience. Some plans even start with a $0 upfront payment.

Ready to dive in? Just talk to your plumber before we start working. They’ll help you sort out the best plan for a happy ending.

Got questions about our Edwards hot water service? No problem! Call us anytime. We’re here 24/7, always ready to help with a friendly response!

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The representative was very knowledgable and provided prompt service. She walked me through all of the alternatives for replacing our hot water supply and assisted me in making the one that was most cost-effective for our circumstances.


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I had a recurring problem with low water pressure, and 23 Hour Plumbing provided an effective solution. They installed a water pressure booster system, and now my water pressure is perfect throughout the house. Their expertise made a significant difference.


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I had a water hammer issue in my pipes that I needed resolved. 23 Hour Plumbing came out and fixed the issue quickly, and the team was professional and courteous. Their pricing was very affordable, and I'm very happy with their service.


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