Why Bidets are a Great Addition to Your Bathroom

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As Australian households increasingly seek the ultimate bathroom upgrade, the conversation around improving personal hygiene and sustainability is steering towards one solution: the bidet.

Often perceived as a hallmark of upscale bathrooms in Europe and Asia, bidets are now gaining some serious local traction. Their ability to enhance the bathroom experience while addressing environmental concerns like saving trees and reducing water consumption makes them an eco-friendly choice.

When we look at why bidets are a great addition to your bathroom, there are several reasons. From using less toilet paper to numerous other environmental benefits, you might just find yourself saving money and the planet at the same time! Let’s find out more.

So, What is a Bidet?

You might have heard the term bidet or bidet seats, but do you know what they actually are?

Essentially, a bidet is a plumbing fixture designed to promote better hygiene in the bathroom. It uses a stream of water to clean the body after using the toilet, offering a deeper clean than wiping with dry toilet paper. You can adjust the water to different temperatures and pressures to suit personal comfort and ensure proper cleaning.

A Range of Options to Consider

Bidets come with various functions, including:

  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Controllable water pressure
  • Heated toilet seat
  • Air dryer
  • Self-cleaning nozzles

These features make it clear why installing a bidet makes sense for both the health of the household and the planet. They provide an effective way to wash and flush out bacteria, offering a cleaner and more refreshing shower-like experience.

Whether through bidet attachments that complement your existing toilet seat or full installations by a professional plumber, the move to install bidets is a smart choice for modern Australian homes.

Hygienic Advantages

So are bidets sanitary? The short answer is a simple yes.

Bidets offer significant hygienic advantages and health benefits that extend beyond traditional toilet paper’s capabilities. Their use ensures a thorough cleanse where it matters most, ultimately reducing the presence of bacteria and the likelihood of infections. This is particularly beneficial in promoting better skin health and preventing irritation that often comes from the friction of dry toilet paper.

The sanitary benefits of using a bidet are complemented by the ability to adjust settings like water pressure and temperature. This personalised approach enhances comfort and ensures that the cleaning process is effective and gentle on sensitive skin areas. The presence of soap options in some models further boosts the cleanliness level, offering an almost shower-like experience.

Environmental Benefits

Not only are bidets sanitary, but they’re also champions of environmental conservation.

By using a bidet, households can significantly use less toilet paper, which translates to fewer trees being cut down for paper production. This reduction in tissue paper use also means less waste ending up in landfills, making bidets a greener choice for the environmentally conscious.

In terms of water usage, while bidets do use water, the amount is minimal compared to the water and energy consumed in producing and transporting toilet paper. One study shows that a bidet uses up to 80% less water than is required to produce a single roll of toilet paper. Thus, integrating a bidet can lead to considerable savings on utility bills, highlighting their efficiency and eco-friendliness.


Bidets are more than just sanitary and eco-friendly – they’re also cost-effective in the long run. Initial investment in a bidet may seem higher when compared to buying a few rolls of toilet paper. However, the savings become apparent quickly. Households can drastically reduce their spending on toilet paper, which accumulates significantly over time.

Additionally, bidets can contribute to lower water bills. Although they use water, it is much less than the volume needed to produce and dispose of toilet paper. This efficiency translates into monetary savings and less strain on environmental resources, aligning with the growing global trend towards sustainability in household utilities.

Comfort and Convenience

Installing a bidet in your home brings unparalleled comfort and convenience to your daily routine. Modern bidet designs are user-friendly and easily adapted to your existing bathroom setup, meaning you won’t need extensive renovations. This ease of installation and use makes it convenient for anyone in the household to enjoy the benefits of a bidet.

Bidets also offer enhanced sanitary benefits that contribute to personal comfort. They provide a thorough cleaning that is much gentler than using dry toilet paper. This is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin or mobility issues, as they can use a bidet with minimal effort and ensure cleanliness without harsh wiping.

Furthermore, the cost-saving aspect of bidets adds to their convenience. By reducing the need for toilet paper, households can save on monthly shopping expenses and utility bills, proving that the convenience of using a bidet also supports a budget-friendly lifestyle. These advantages present compelling reasons to consider adding a bidet to your home, enhancing both comfort and efficiency.

Bidets are a great addition to your bathroom

Consider Bidet Seats for Your House!

There are many reasons why bidets are a great addition to your bathroom. More than a mere luxury; they are a practical bathroom addition that:

  • enhances cleanliness
  • supports environmental sustainability, and
  • offers significant cost savings

By reducing the use of toilet paper, they not only save money but also promote a more hygienic and gentle cleaning experience. The environmental impact alone, from decreased paper waste to lower water consumption, makes bidets a wise choice for eco-conscious households.

Embracing the use of a bidet could elevate your daily routine, providing a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom experience. It’s time to consider upgrading to this smart, sustainable solution that aligns with modern needs and global trends.

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Last Edited on: 8th May 2024

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