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Late on the evening of the 7th of December 2016, the 23 hour plumbing customer received a call from a client. They had gotten home late from work and discovered their shower ice cold. They have inspected their unit and the pilot light will not stay ignited. The operator offered a plumber within the hour if he would like but he was too tired and had made other arrangements, he wished to have a plumbing appointment the following day as he would be finishing work early. At the client’s request, we booked a technician to attend between 3-6pm the following day.

The following day, the plumber arrived onsite just before 3 o’clock. The client was relieved as he has had other companies not show up before. The plumber inspected the hot water system which was quite old. A replacement was advised as the better solution in the long run but with a little maintenance, he could get the pilot light to stay ignited. The customer also got a quote for a replacement option which he was going to discuss with his partner and book in a suitable timeframe. But for now he had hot water once more. He paid for the service using cash and the plumber moved on to his next appointment.

Plumber South Melbourne 3205

On the 5th of December at 8:30am a customer called through to our 23 hour booking centre as she had a blocked toilet and a leaking laundry tap. The customer requested a timeframe of between 10am – 1pm so she could take the kids to school. Our plumber LA arrived at the Montague Street address in South Melbourne within the allocated timeframe at 10:15 and begun work on the blocked toilet straight away. Upon inspection of the blocked toilet, it was found that the blockage was localised to the toilet towards the back of the house. Using the hand auger, the plumber was able to remove the blockage and a drain machine was not needed on this attendance. The toilet was then tested for any more blockages. With none found, the plumber moved onto the leaking laundry tap but advised the customer that should a similar issue reoccur, a camera would be required to inspect the drains for further issues. Using the parts in the plumbers van, LA serviced the leaking laundry tap. The service kit included some hydro seals, O-rings, body washers and lube. Once fully serviced the plumber checked for any further leaks, with none found the plumber was able to pack up his materials and provide the customer with a printed invoice. This customer chose to pay via cash.

When every job is completed and the plumber has moved offsite, our customer service manager calls each customer to follow up on their experience and to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with the work completed. This customer said “LA was delightful, brilliant and could not fault him or his work.”

Drain Repairs

23 Hour Plumbing have a drain plumber local to your area ready to assist with any drain repairs or replacements – no matter the time of the day or night – we are available. We provide an afterhours, weekend and public holiday plumbing and gas fitting service to ensure you can act immediately in the face of any plumbing or gas emergency that may arise. A blocked drain, leaking pipe, blocked stormwater drain, burst pipe, blocked toilet, leaking tap, no hot water or a gas leak are no match for our professional plumbers. We have fully qualified plumbers and gas fitters situated throughout all metropolitan areas of Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra and in a plumbing or gas emergency we can be at your location within an hour* of your booking. If you need a hot water heater to be supplied, installed, repaired or replaced or would like your new fridge or dishwasher installed, no matter your plumbing requirement call 23 Hour Plumbing on 1300 070 399.

Drain Repairs

Drain repairs is one of the most common plumbing problems to arise in homes and businesses. If you require a drain repair or drain replacement call 23 Hour Plumbing immediately for a quality, reliable and affordable drain repair service 24/7.

Blocked drains, leaking pipes or collapsed or damaged pipes are a huge inconvenience to any household or business and do require emergency drain repair or replacement services quickly.

The most common reasons that you would require a drain repairs are;

  • Blocked or broken pipework due to tree root blockages
  • Collapsed drains due to incorrect installation, ageing pipework or ground movements
  • Blockages or damage from foreign objects such as food scraps, fats and oils, hair, too much toilet paper, sanitary items, children’s toys etc. being flushed down toilets or put down sinks
  • Pipe corrosion due to reactive soils or paints and chemical being poured into drains
  • Split breecher

23 Hour Plumbing can be at your location within an hour* of your booking in an emergency. Our plumbing service vans are fully stocked to have your blocked drain, leaking pipe, burst pipe or collapsed drain repaired or replaced with minimal downtime or fuss to you.

We understand that drain repairs or drain replacements always happen when you least expect it and the cost of a drain repair or replacement was just not something that you had budgeted for… so why not take advantage of our interest free payment terms*? Just ask your friendly 23 hour plumber for details on how to apply.

You should get any drainage issues inspected upon first signs, clearing a partially blocked drain will be more beneficial to you and much less costly than putting it off and allowing for the drain to completely block your pipes, to burst or become damaged.

Early warning signs of a blocked drain or leaking pipe include;

  • Slow drainage
  • Decrease in water flow
  • Smells emitting from your drains
  • Damp or mouldy patches on your ceilings, floors or walls
  • High than average water bills with no obvious cause
  • Water pooling around your property
  • Loose or sinking pavers
  • The sound of running water when all fixtures are turned off

For a prompt drain repair or drain replacement service book your plumber with 23 Hour Plumbing. We are your local drain plumbers with the know-how and will have your blocked drains cleaned and cleared in an instant with the use of electric eels or our high powered hydro-jets – which will clear the most stubborn of blockages. If your drain has broken or collapsed we will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the problem with the use of our CCTV cameras, allowing us to provide a reliable and fast drain repair or replacement.

It is imperative that our drainage systems are always running at their optimum. It is every property owner’s responsibility to ensure that they have any blocked drains or leaking pipes repaired immediately. Pooling or stagnant wastewater causes an extreme health and safety concern and in severe cases can cause hepatitis.

Have your drains repaired today by a reliable, affordable and ethical plumbing professional from 23 Hour Plumbing.

Drain Over flowing

Contact 23 Hour Plumbing upon the first sighting of an drain overflowing, we are your plumbing professionals covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra. We provide an afterhours, weekend and public holiday plumbing and gas service – and can be at your location within the hour* in a plumbing or gas fitting emergency. We will clear your blocked drain, blocked toilet or blocked stormwater drain in an instant with our high powered hydro-jets. Leaking or burst pipe repairs or replacements are no hassle for our experts, we will utilise a CCTV camera to pinpoint the exact location of your leak for a prompt repair. 23 Hour Plumbing offer a hot water heater supply, installation, repair and replacement service that is second to none and for your gas fitting and gas leak detection requirements call upon us any time of the day or night. No matter your plumbing or gas situation 23 Hour Plumbing has a plumber local to your area ready and waiting for your booking.

Drain Overflowing

An overflowing drain needs to be attended to immediately, whether it is wastewater or stormwater. Any drain overflowing can cause serious health concerns if left for too long (or if it is overflowing sewage waste) as well as ground contamination, groundwater and waterway pollution.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that an overflowing drain is corrected in a prompt and timely manner to prevent the risk of pollution and health risks from breeding bacteria.

Pooling water from a drain overflowing is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and could cause gastroenteritis, cryptosporidiosis, skin and eye infections and in severe cases hepatitis. Soil contamination due to overflowing drains can cause damage to crops and if stormwater washes over the polluted ground it will pick up the contaminants which, in turn, will wash these into our waterways.

Contact 23 Hour Plumbing immediately in relation to an overflowing or blocked drain on your property, including any septic tank issues – we will be with you within an hour* of your call in an emergency, no matter the time of the day or night, including public holidays and weekends.

What causes a drain overflowing?

A drain will usually overflow when it becomes blocked or damaged, as the water basically has nowhere else to go. The main causes for a drain overflowing are;

  • Blocked drains caused by tree roots
  • Items including food scraps, fats and oils, hair, foreign objects, paints and chemicals, sanitary items, children’s toys and even too much toilet paper being put down our drains
  • Incorrect pipe installation
  • Ground movements can cause pipes to become loose or break
  • Reactive soils could corrode pipework
  • Ageing pipework

Blocked drains don’t just suddenly happen – the blockage builds up over time, eventually completely blocking or damaging your pipes. If you notice any early warning signs of a blocked drain, book a local plumber from 23 Hour Plumbing on 1300 070 399 for a prompt repair or replacement before the drain overflows.

Signs of a blocked drain may include;

  • Unpleasant smells issuing from your drains
  • Water is slow to drain or a decrease in water pressure
  • The water in your toilet bowl is higher or lower than usual
  • Water backing up in your basin, tubs, sinks or shower drains
  • Wet patches or pooling water around your property
  • Sinking pavers or cracking concrete
  • Unexplained cracks in your homes structural walls
  • Increased activity of rodents or pets (attracted by the smell)

If you have a septic tank situated on your property call 23 Hour Plumbing immediately if you notice any of the following;

  • Strong, pungent odours around the area of your septic tank
  • Pooling water or soggy ground
  • Dark green patches of grass growing in the vicinity of the absorption area
  • Slowly draining sinks or toilets
  • Sewage begins to back up in your drains or overflows from pipes on your properties exterior

If you have a blockage in your sewer main this could result in a backflow of wastewater through your overflow relief gully which will then expel the water into your properties outside areas. If your overflow relief gully is blocked then this water will have nowhere else to go but to flow inside of your property.

What is an overflow relief gully?

An overflow relief gully is a drain fitting covered with a small grate, located on the exterior of your property. The purpose of the overflow relief gully is to allow any sewage to overflow into your outside areas and away from your home rather than into your home in the case of a blockage within your sewage pipes.

Every home is required to have an overflow relief gully and it is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure that their overflow relief gully is correctly designed for the property and is fully operational and free from any blockages or obstructions. The grate should always be able to easily ‘pop off’ in the event of a sewage overflow.

In relation to your overflow relief gully you need to ensure;

  • That the overflow relief gully is relocated in the event of any house extensions – a reliable plumber from 23 Hour Plumbing can assist with this.
  • If any construction works take place on your property your overflow relief gully should never be blocked with concrete paths or driveway renovations
  • The overflow relief gully is never covered by garden beds, paving or any type of obstruction
  • That the overflow relief gully grate is easily removable, the grate should be able to easily pop off – it should never be concreted in, require manual turning to remove, or be damaged to the point that it is stuck in the drain.
  • The overflow relief gully must be situated lower than any other pipe within the property, at least 150mm lower than the lowest fitting and 75mm above ground level.

Should you have any concerns regarding your overflow relief gully contact 23 Hour Plumbing for a reliable and affordable plumbing service.

How to prevent a drain overflowing

  • Proper care and being assertive as to what you put in your drains will prevent many blockages.
  • Be mindful and understand root systems of plants and do not plant trees too close to your pipes.
  • Regularly clean your gutters
  • Always trust a fully qualified plumbing professional in regards to any new pipework installations, pipework repairs, replacements or extensions.
  • Look out for early warning signs of a blocked drain and have it repaired immediately

If you have a drain overflowing on your property, be safe and book your plumber instantly, and leave the rest up to the professionals from 23 Hour Plumbing. We have local plumbers servicing your metropolitan area who can be at your location within an hour* if required. We are your trusted afterhours, weekends and public holiday plumbers, there for you whenever you need us.

Drain Hydro Jetting

23 Hour Plumbing offers hydro-jetting of drains in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra covering all metropolitan suburbs. Drain hydro jetting has many benefits when clearing blocked drains;

Drain Hytro Jetting

  1. Hydro-jetting is more useful in reaching blockages where access is a problem, and there is not an inspection point to gain access from into the drain. The hydro-jet often has 100m of reach enabling it to cover a far larger distance than the conventional electrical eels. This often results in not having to excavate and create further inspection points into the drain.
  2. Once the drain has been hydro-jetted the inside of the pipe is smooth and almost polished as it removes all small root fibers – so your drains are effectively cleaned as well as cleared.
  3. It is important when using a hydro-jet that the blocked area of the drain has the hydro-jet’s nozzle pass over the blockage numerous times as it does not easily remove larger roots. Whereas the electric eel removes larger roots but leaves the small matter behind.
  4. Hydro-jetting is great for stubborn grease blockages; and is often the preferred method in this situation as the high pressure water easily breaks down the grease.
  5. Hydro-jets are very effective on small diameter sewer waste pipes as they are often able to access and clear these internal pipes, where an electric drain machine is unable to.

For stormwater systems the hydro-jet is highly effective for cleaning out dirt and leaves as the high pressure water will push these obstructions out to the water tables. This differs to the conventional electric eel which will often break the stormwater pipe as it is very thin in the wall thickness. However, using the hydro-jet for stormwater blockages will not eliminate the need to possibly excavate and replace the affected area of damaged pipe.

Hydro-jetting is basically using a high pressure water sprayer as a source of clearing drains attached to a long flexible hose for an external petrol/diesel pumping system. The water spray pressure reaches up to a high flow rate of 5000psi meaning drain blockages will be cleared quickly and effectively.

Drains get dirty from various sources. The slime and sludge that overwhelms the drainage system is caused by built-up grease, oil, soap scum, detergents, mineral deposits and caked-on rotting food scraps, just to name a few. Over time this material will compress and compromise the ability of the drain to be able to capture and expel the waste water. This will eventually cause blockages in the pipeline and may result in an overflowing sewer or stormwater system, which no one wants! Of course, ideally it is best to have the drains cleaned regularly before a problem occurs but usually drain cleaning is sought out of urgency when an issue has already arisen.

A highly efficient and effective drain cleaning method is hydro-jetting, also known as Hydro Scrubbing. Here, the power of water, and water alone, is utilised. It has been about a decade since their initialization into the plumbing industry and the use of hydro-jetting is going from strength to strength, as this “new technology” ticks all of the right boxes.

Hydro-jetting is an environmentally safe drain cleaning method which is also public health conscious. No nasty chemicals or toxic fumes are used, just high speed, high pressured cold water. A very simple concept that is pure genius!

To clean a clogged sink, bathtub drain or even a main sewer line, hydro-jetting of drains is more and more the preferred choice for plumbers, perhaps rendering the electric eel, drain snake, drum or sectional drain cleaning machines eventually obsolete.

Drain hydro-jetting works by a steel nozzle punctuated with systematically designed holes (the jets) which disperse the water. The number of holes and the size of the nozzle are variable to allow different pressure settings for cleaning and for fitting into any size pipes. Only a licensed plumber should operate a hydro-jet as there are occupational health and safety guidelines in place which need to be adhered to, to minimise risk of injury. Using water as a tool still comes with hazards!

The hydro-jet has the ability to be used in confined and difficult to reach areas, can smoothly and effortlessly manipulate corners and bends, and is reversible when needed. This machine is mobile, lightweight and relatively easy for the professional to use compared to its predecessors. A keen self-starter, the jetter can’t wait to get on with the job, pulling itself through the pipelines from the sheer pressure it exerts. A truly strong and diligent working machine!

If you require a hydro-jet service for your stubborn drain blockage (such as a blocked stormwater drain) please ensure you advise the call center operator so that we send out the correct equipment to your job, reducing the need for us to leave your site to collect tools.

For a professional hydro-jetting drain service in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra call 23 Hour Plumbing – your drain plumbing professionals.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

23 Hour Plumbing are able to send one of our drain cleaning professionals to inspect your drain with the use of a CCTV camera to establish the cause of any drain blockages. When booking your appointment, please ensure to tell one of our friendly operators that you require a drain camera to attend as this is not equipment that is carried in every van. 23 Hour Plumbing are using drain cameras as they are a useful tool in pinpointing the exact location of damage in a broken sewer drain, as well as helping to determine the underlying cause of the blockage – which is often a breakage in the pipework.

CCTV Drain Camera

Experience has shown is that not only clay sewer pipes that are prone cracking due to earth movement; the newer plastic pipes can also readily develop cracks. Any pipe damage, once identified with a CCTV drain camera inspection, can easily be repaired or replaced.

For preventative maintenance, or to just assist in determining what a particular internal problem is, the use of a drain or sewer camera is unequaled. The full colour wide-angled photographic capabilities provide a quick, easy and highly accurate way to check the conditions of underground drainage systems. Prior to their use in the plumbing industry, problems had to be guessed at and the difficulties of excavation methods were far more common.

The drain camera is technically known as a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera. A compact and efficient unit, they are called closed circuit because the production is not open and not publicly aired, the image is only distributed locally for limited viewing transmission. In recent years, more and more professional industries have taken advantage of this modern technology. Mainly used for surveillance and diagnostic purposes, there is CCTV now aiding in crime prevention, traffic management, home security and employment training.

In plumbing circles, CCTV first started being used approximately a decade ago. Now it is seen as a critical time, expense and labour saving device, which is regularly used. There is no sound in these productions, but there doesn’t need to be. The drain camera is sent down a sewer or stormwater drain pipe to investigate the condition of the system and to ascertain exactly where and what a blockage is. The live footage gathered from the drain camera is invaluable. Cracks, structural damage, foreign objects, misaligned pipes, general wear and tear, tree or flora roots intrusions and other accumulated compressed waste can cause problems in our drains, all of which can be picked up now with relative ease through a CCTV camera inspection.

For such an accurate assessment, to the uninitiated, the cave-like photography is rather like a colourful ultrasound and may be slightly foreboding. However, to the trained eye of the plumber, who is highly trained in the use of a drain camera, the visuals given from the tiny camera allow your drain plumbing professional to accurately locate and determine the exact cause of the drain blockage or damage.

For an accurate, visible solution to your sewer drain blockages, 23 Hour Plumbing can have one of our tradesman attend with a sewer drain camera to identify and prevent further issues arising in relation to re-occurring blocked drains.

Our 23 Hour drain plumbers are available in all metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra and in an emergency we endeavor to be on your property within 60 minutes of your emergency plumbing booking.

How to Fix a Leaking Tap

A leaking tap is a common household occurrence, but is also one of the simpler plumbing situations to fix and, in many cases, a do-it-yourself repair is all that is required. A dripping or running tap should be attended to immediately as although the drip may seem non-substantial – a leaking tap can actually equate to 1 litre of wasted water each hour. Looking at it in this point of view you can easily see why a leaking tap can become a huge water and money waster and you will notice an increase in your energy bills, especially if it is your hot water tap that is dripping.

Fix a Leaking Tap

At 23 Hour Plumbing we are happy to provide you with the advice required on how to repair a leaking tap yourself, but, if you are not confident in the repair, or should your tapware be aged and in need of a replacement – please call us anytime for a reliable, affordable and superior leaking tap repair or replacement service.

Steps to repair a leaking tap;

Before you begin to repair your leaking tap you will need the required materials and tools for the job. In most cases a leaking tap is caused by either a worn washer, O-ring or jumper valve. It is recommended to replace all three items at the same time as they will all wear down over time.

Before going out and purchasing a new washer you need to determine if the washer you require is either rubber, a ceramic disc or a cartridge – doing your homework first will save you a trip back to the hardware store later if you purchase the wrong part.

Your local hardware store will have the parts you require – if you take the items with you, or even a photo of your tap system, this will help to ensure that you purchase the correct replacement items required. The other tools you will need at your disposal are a wrench or spanner, a screwdriver and waterproof lubricant– a cloth is always handy to have too, as this will protect chrome surfaces when you are loosening and tightening your taps.

Before you begin to repair your leaking tap you need to ensure that you turn the water off at your mains tap which can be located, most commonly, out the front of your house or on your street. Your mains tap may be situated in your bathroom or laundry if you are in an apartment.

Now follow these instructions;
  1. Turn the leaking tap to the on position – this will release any residual water sitting in the pipe. Once the water has stopped running turn the tap back off. It is highly recommended to now insert a plug into the basin to ensure that none of the small parts from the tap make their way down the drain.
  2. Grab your screwdriver and use it to remove the cover off the tap, under the cover you should see a screw – if not, then the screw may be located on the side of the tap.
  3. Undo the screw and remove the tap handle. Your tap may be protected by a metal cover it is best to unscrew this by hand, or use the trusty cloth that you should have put aside and put this between the wrench and the tap and unscrew it this way – this will eliminate the risk of you scratching or damaging the taps surface.
  4. Once the handle is removed you will need to unscrew the tap bonnet using your spanner or wrench.
  5. After removing the bonnet you should now see the headgear – remove this completely and then the washer, O-ring and jumper valve will be present. In most cases the jumper valve should just fall out (now, looking at all these small parts, you’re thankful that you plugged up your sink!)
  6. Replace your worn washer with your new one, along with the new O-ring and jumper valve (if you purchased these parts also).
  7. We recommend to now apply the waterproof lubricant to the O-ring, bonnet and spindle. This is not a necessary step – but applying the lubricant will help to extend the lifespan of the O-ring and spindle.
  8. Now re-fit the bonnet and spindle; make sure you don’t go overboard with the tightening of the nuts.
  9. Your next step is to put your tap back together, just follow the steps you took to undo the tap but in reverse. So you will now screw in the bonnet, attach the metal cover, screw the tap handle back on and then insert the cover back on top. As with the nuts – don’t over tighten your taps either as if your taps are too tight your washer can become worn out faster.
  10. Now it is time to test your handy work – leave the tap in the off position and go and turn your water back on at the mains. Turn on your tap on and off to confirm if the leak has ceased.
  11. If there still seems to be a leak this could indicate that your tap may require re-seating. The washer sits on the ‘seat’ of the tap and the ‘seat’ can often become worn or even split. If this is the case that you will need to purchase a re-seating kit, which can easily be found at your local hardware store with easy to follow instructions on the packet. This should be easy now that you are quickly becoming a tap repair master!

If you do not feel confident in the repair of a leaking tap, of if your tap is still leaking after you have completed all of the above steps then book a fully qualified plumbing professional from 23 Hour Plumbing. We will have your dripping tap repaired for you in an instant, providing you with a full tap service.

Tapware does have a life span and if your tapware is ageing and in disrepair a full tapware replacement may be in your best interest. Replacing your tapware will provide much easier functionality and reliability and will greatly reduce the need of continually having to replace your taps body washer. New tapware can also provide a fresh and updated look to your wet area.

Our 23 Hour Plumbing experts can supply you with new tapware or we will happily install tapware that you have purchased yourself, with quality workmanship guaranteed.

Replace Bosch 10p Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit

BOSCH 10P continuous flow
Existing BOSCH 10P continuous flow

During a relatively brisk but sunny Saturday morning, we had received a call from an existing 23 Hour Plumbing customer whose hot water system had stopped working. The customer advised that he was needing a plumber to come out to assess the situation as soon as possible as he was throwing a BBQ that afternoon and needed the hot water for preparation and clean up.

BOSCH 10P continuous flow
BOSCH 10P continuous flow side view

Our plumber attended within the hour* of the booking call being made and immediately got to work on site. Upon assessing the hot water system that was currently installed, the customer identified that the unit was not salvageable, the hot water tank was way past its expiration date and that it was time for the customer to move on from their system and look at installation of a brand new hot water unit. Our plumber was able to provide our customer with a selection of hot water systems which would be best suited for him and the premises. Once the quote was provided, the customer accepted the quote, meaning the plumber got straight to work with locating the desired hot water system for the customer.

BOSCH 10P Compliance badge
BOSCH 10P Compliance badge

Our plumber was able to source and install the hot water system on the same day* meaning the customer received a full resolved plumbing service on the same day which the booking was made. The customer was not aware that the entire hot water system would be in need of replacement and, financially, was not prepared for a complete replacement of the hot water system.  Thankfully for the customer, 23 Hour Plumbing provides a number of payment options, either through cash, cheque, credit (EFTPOS facilities installed in the van) and fortunately an option for the interest free payment plan, which our customer had taken advantage of.

So from making the initial booking call in the early morning with the removal of the previous hot water system from site, to supplying and installing of a brand new hot water system. Only within a few hours of the initial booking call, our customer had hot water flowing through the pipes in no time, ensuring a much more stress free BBQ gathering. Try giving 23 Hour Plumbing a call on 1300 070 399, for your future plumbing enquiries, to book in with one of our friendly staff member today.

Hot Water System Replacement Vulcan 64190n0 to RheemPlus

Old Vulcan hot water system 641090N0
Old Vulcan hot water system 641090N0

With an expanding household and finding hot water was running low or running out on a day-to-day basis, our repeat customer called 23 hour plumbing today on 1300 070 399 after having us out previously for a late night burst pipe problem, and being happy with the prompt and professional service from our fully qualified plumbers.

Our customer advised that they were looking for a replacement, as their current system was looking run down and wanting a more energy saving alternative to this older run of Vulcan storage unit.

This particular hot water system is no longer made but we did advise the customer that the unit was still under manufacture warranty of the tank if need be – however they opted for a replacement rather than a fix.

Upon arrival our plumber began to discuss with the customer their hot water requirements such as – how many bathrooms in the house, how many people, when are they finding hot water running out the most? After running over a few different options with our customer they opted for the supply and install of a Rheem Plus 5 star Gas 265 litre hot water system. We were able to offer a same day installation with an interest free payment plan for the life of the repayments – but no extra charges if paid off sooner.

Our customer gladly accepted this quote and after promptly sourcing their preferred unit and organising the payment plan with a quick phone call our hot water technician got to work on removing the old unit, and being sure to take that with us for dumping, not wanting to leave the customer with a mess in their backyard.

This new RheemPlus 5 star 265 litre gas hot water system has a maximum temperature of 50 degrees to avoid water being turned on too hot – perfect for everyone in the family. A larger tank to ensure no more running out of water, even if hot water happens to run out a strong 145 litre hot water recovery means no more long waits between showers. We would recommend this system to a family of 2-4 with a 130 litre capacity and mains pressure – meaning multiple taps can be used at once. This unit has a 7 year cylinder warranty, a 3 years labour warranty on the cylinder and a 1 year warranty on all other labour and components.

And just later that afternoon our customer had running hot water and a happy family. Call 23 hour plumbing on 1300 070 399 to have a new system installed – or an old one repaired!

Rheem Stellar 160 Litre Gas Storage System 850360N0

Rheem 160L gas storage system
Rheem 160L gas storage system

Choosing the right system for your home but our plumbers are fully qualified and very experience in hot water systems and they can help you pick the right system for you.

The system is the pictures provided is a rheem stellar 160 litre gas storage system. This model 850360N0 was mad in December of 2013. Rheem make a verity of different hot water systems. From continuous flow hot water unit that can be run on either gas or electric. These systems are great for those who are short on space as they are only a small box type unit. These can be installed either outside the home on a wall, typically at the rear of the property or along the side or the inside the home, normally in a cupboard.

Rheem also make solar hot water systems, a hi line unit has a storage tank attached to the solar collectors which is stored on top of the roof or a low line system that has the solar collectors place on the roof but has the storage tank placed on the ground normally with a booster to help the system produce hot water even on the cloudiest of days.

Compliance plate
Compliance plate

In the pictures provided is a storage system. The rheem stellar storage systems are able to be in either gas or electric. The electric system do have different sized tanks depending on the amount of water you require. The smallest is a 50l tank, this can provided up to 2 people with hot water, while the largest of the range can provide 315L for 4-6 people. The gas units coming to 2 sizes the 130L and the 160L. Both these systems are mains pressured, meaning that no matter what tap you use in the house, you will get the same good pressure throughout and can have multiple showers running at once.

The 160L boiler comes with an energy rating of 5 stars making this very energy efficient and cost effective. This system also comes with a 10 year warranty on the storage tank and is proudly made in Australia. When a storage tank needs replacing we can removed the old tank and take it to the waste dump at no extra charge.

With every job, the next day all our customers receive a phone call from our very friendly and understanding customer service staff for feedback and to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with the work by the plumber.